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The Wedding Party

Here you can get to know the great friends and family who will
be sharing this special day as members of our wedding party!
Alicia & Jon
The bride and groom

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all of the people who have agreed to share our special day as members of our wedding party! 


We intended this page to be dedicated to the members of our wedding party, so rather than take up space for ourselves here, if you'd like to read some info about us, you can click on the "Their Story" link in the menu bar above.

Alicia's Lovely Ladies

Whitney Weary
Maid of Honor


Whitney has her associate’s degree from Jamestown Business College and is currently working to get her marketing degree at Franklin University. Whitney is also a server/bartender at Applebee’s in Lakewood, NY. Alicia and Whitney met the summer after their senior year of high school through a mutual friend. They instantly bonded after meeting for the first time and became inseparable that summer.  They have continued to be each other’s best friend through the years and have supported one another through thick and thin. Whitney and Alicia are often mistaken as “twins” or “sisters” when seen in public together!

Stacy Anagnostopoulos
Maid of Honor


Stacy recently completed her Student Teaching and officially graduated from SUNY Fredonia in December 2013. Alicia and Stacy met in college through their sorority Delta Phi Epsilon. Alicia had been involved in the sorority for a little over a year before Stacy decided to join. Alicia and Stacy really connected and after joining the sorority Stacy became Alicia’s “little.” Even though they live miles apart, they continue to remain really close friends.

Molly Barniak


Molly is a graduate from SUNY Fredonia and currently works for Benderson Development Company in the leasing department in Buffalo, NY. Alicia and Molly met in college through their sorority Delta Phi Epsilon. Alicia and Molly’s first interaction with one another was during a game the sorority plays where you have to partner up with another ‘sister.’ Alicia and Molly decided to be partners (not really knowing one another) and clicked right away. During the entire game they were laughing and just having a really fun time. Soon after Molly became Alicia’s “big” in the sorority. Molly always brightens up Alicia’s day with her contagious smile and loving heart!

Danielle Gill


After graduating high school, Danielle joined the Air Force and since enlisting she has become a staff sergeant and lives in Wyoming. Alicia and Danielle went to Westfield school together. They were always friends with one another but became even closer as the years progressed and they reached high school. Danielle and Alicia would always find something interesting to do with their time and drive their mother’s crazy! They never wasted a minute and were always busy being adventurous! Alicia and Danielle don’t get to see one another very often but when they do get together it’s like no time has passed at all!

Kristen Okerlund


Kristen graduated from Kent State College and is currently working at her church in Ohio where she oversees their small groups and community outreaches and also handles marketing and web site tasks. Kristen is Alicia’s oldest sister. Even though they lived in different states growing up they always got along really well. When Kristen would come to New York to visit her dad, Alicia and her would play dress up and climb trees when they were young. As the years progressed they found themselves vacationing in Texas with Nicky having sister bonding time! Kristen and Alicia will always be close-knit sisters and friends!

Nicole Okerlund


Nicole graduated from the University of Texas Southwestern with a doctorate degree and is currently working as a Children’s Physical Therapist in Texas.  Nicole is Alicia’s second oldest sister. They also lived in different states growing up but were always excited when they would get to see one another. When Nicole would come to New York, she would always find a way to make Alicia laugh. She definitely brings the humor and joy! One of Alicia and Nicole’s greatest memories was during their sister-bonding week in Texas at the Dallas zoo! Nicole always found ways of reaching out to Alicia even though they lived a distance from one another and will always be a special sister and friend! 

Marissa Okerlund


Marissa is currently a senior at Westfield Academy and is an employee at McDonalds and The Candlelight Lodge in Westfield, NY. Marissa is one of Alicia’s younger sisters. From a young age, Alicia and Marissa were close. Alicia was like a second mother to Marissa and would do anything for her. As the years went by their relationship transitioned from being big-sister/little sister to really close friends. Although they will always be sisters, they will also carry a special friendship as well.

Sarah Okerlund
Junior Bridesmaid


Sarah is currently an 8th grader at Westfeild School. Sarah is another one of Alicia’s little sisters. Sarah has always carried a special place in Alicia’s heart because of her kind and loving nature. Sarah and Alicia have always gotten along really well.  Whether making silly music videos together or engaging in deep conversations, they always enjoy the time spent together making memories. Alicia & Sarah will always be very tight knit sisters and have one another’s back!

Hannah DeHaven
Flower Girl



Hannah is a very intelligent kindergarten student who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Hannah is Alicia’s little cousin on her mom’s side. Hannah is a beautiful and bright-eyed young lady. She notices every little detail and is quite the perfectionist. Hannah and Alicia have bonded a lot over the years- Alicia has even flown down to babysit Hannah and has always enjoyed her time spent with her.

Flower Girl Assistant


Daisy is one of Jon and Alicia’s puppies. She turned one in September 2013. She is a yorkie mix and weighs in around 6 lbs. Daisy is always trying to please people and loves to cuddle. She is a little love bug and brings a lot of joy to Jon and Alicia.

Jon's Good Lookin' Gentlemen

Nathan Steiger
Best Man



Nathan graduated from SUNY Brockport and is currently a Real Estate broker and co-owner of Steiger Realty in Forestville, NY.  He is also the owner of Nate Built SpeciFX, which provides training, nutrition and coaching/guru services for bodybuilders and fitness competitors as well as everyday people looking to improve their health.  He is a bodybuilding competitor himself, having won all of the major WNY competitions and he consistently places in the top brackets nationally.  Nathan is Jon's younger brother and only sibling.  As young boys, Jon & Nate's three year age difference often put them at odds, and they went through all of the usual sibling rivalry.  However, as the years have gone by, their relationship has grown and strengthened into a lasting friendship of mutual respect where each will go out of their way to help the other.  When it came time for Jon to pick a best man, the decision to choose his brother Nate was truly an easy one!


Ed McCarrick

Ed graduated from SUNY Fredonia and currently works in their Biology department as an instructional support assistant, where he oversees ordering, logistics and generally keeps the department running.  Jon and Ed have been friends since both were very young and they share many similar interests such as automobiles, science fiction and the great outdoors.  They have been involved in many adventures together, from car and airplane shows to road trips to local and national offroading with the Dakota Mailing List as well as camping & kayaking expeditions. Due to his  kind nature and sense of humor, Jon has always valued his friendship with Ed.

Tom Stack


Tom is one of the nicest, most laid-back guys you could ever hope to meet, and definitely someone you want in your corner if you have any sort of automotive difficulty!  Tom practically lives underneath his vehicles, and is always wrenching on his cars, trucks, motorcycles and snowmobiles, performing repairs and modifications.  He puts his vast automotive accumen to good use as a manager at a NAPA auto parts store near his home in Stevens Point, WI.  Tom is the ultimate road trip king, and will use even the smallest excuse to pack up one of his vehicles and head off across the country on a moment's notice.  Tom and Jon met through the Dakota Mailing List and have shared many adventures and shenanigans with that group on their offroading excursions.  Some of Jon's best memories with Tom involve sitting around a late night bonfire telling stories and recounting the days (mis)adventures.


Michael Russin


Michael graduated from Alleghany College and currently works as an insurance agent at American Income Life.  Growing up, Alicia and Michael were practically family - they spent a lot of time together since their parents were such good friends.  Alicia and Michael also worked together at Andriaccio's Restaurant and golf course in Mayville, NY and attended the same church when they were younger.  Alicia introduced Michael to Jon  during the Russin's annual Fourth of July picinic in 2012.  Jon was imediately impressed by Michael who demonstrated a level of poise and demeanor well beyond his years.  Michael is a dedicated, kind hearted and hard working individual who never fails to impress.



Michael Okerlund

After graduating from from Westfield Academy & Central School, Michael went on to the University of Mount Union, where he was accepted as a member of their Division III football team and then moved on to Slippery Rock University as a preferred walk-on to their Division II team.  He is currently enrolled at SUNY Fredonia where he is studying for a semester prior to attending and playing NAIA Division I football for Evangel University in Springfield, MO.  An extremely gifted athlete, Michael broke high school records and football has always been his first love - don't be surprised if you see him playing on an NFL team in the near future!  Michael is Alicia's brother, which is how he and Jon met.  Jon was immediately impressed by Michael's internal moral compass, selfless dedication to his friends and family as well as his strong work ethic.  In the time since their first meeting, the two have become good friends.

Connor Dolce



Connor is currently a senior at Brocton Central High School where he excels in his acedemics as well as his extracurricular activities such as baseball and basketball.  Connor currently works for the Village of Brocton and plans to attend JCC after graduation on his path towards becoming an othodontist.  Connor is the boyfriend of Alicia's sister Marissa, which is how he and Jon initially met.  Jon's first impression of Connor was that of a well mannered guy who is a pleasure to have around.  Jon's opinion has not changed since that first meeting, and his respect for Connor has only grown since then.  Connor is the quintessential all-american guy with a heart of gold and he is always a welcome guest in Jon & Alicia's home.



Groomsman (yes, really!)




Dinky is Jon and Alicia’s other puppy. He turned 1 year old in April 2013. He is a shorkie/pomeranian and weighs around 6 lbs. Dinky is a little stinker who gets out of trouble by always being on his cutest behavior. Dinky is a little mama’s boy and doesn’t like sharing attention with his sister Daisy. He is a quite the little ham and brightens up Jon and Alicia’s world. (Another dog in the wedding… what could go wrong?) :)

Jacob Okerlund
Ring Bearer


Jacob is a first grader at Westfield School. Jacob is Alicia’s youngest little brother. Alicia and Jake have spent a lot of time with one another and have always been very close. One of their fondest memories together was when Alicia took Jake to Chucky Cheese for his birthday a couple years ago. Jacob likes to ask Alicia for help with his homework and begs her to take him to Chucky Cheese again. Alicia loves spending time with her cute “baby brother” Jake.

Bryson DeHaven
Ring Bearer




Bryson is 3 years old and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his big sister and flower girl Hannah. Bryson is your typical 3-year old boy who finds fun in mischievous ways and always keeps his parents and sister on their toes. He has always seemed to remember Alicia and goes right up to her even though he hasn’t gotten to see her much since being born. Bryson is a very cute little guy and Alicia and Jon love him to pieces.

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