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​His Story

Jon was raised in Forestville, NY alongside his younger brother Nathan under the loving guidance of their parents, Milton and Linda Steiger.  Jon grew up on the family farm and began helping with various duties and chores at a young age, developing an appreciation for a strong work ethic along with a sense of independence and self-reliance.  He also got his first taste of entrepreneurism while tending to the family’s small roadside vegetable stand, maple syrup production and annual yard sales. Growing up in the country, he enjoyed spending time outdoors, but was also a consummate bookworm.  While still in elementary school, Jon discovered an affinity for computers and set his goal to become a computer programmer.


He attended Forestville Central School and participated in a collegiate early entry program his senior year, taking some classes at Forestville High and others at the State University of New York at Fredonia.  After graduating from the Regents program with an Honor Society endorsement, he attended SUNY Fredonia, where three years later, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Business Management.  Jon was co-founder and an active participant in a group of students who were not satisfied with the education they were receiving and who organized extracurricular lectures and study groups to supplement their official education with real-world software engineering experience.


Through high school and into college, Jon worked at Burger King in Irving, NY, starting in an entry level position and working his way up to assistant manager before leaving to pursue an opportunity at Wal-Mart in Fredonia, NY.


During his senior year in college, Jon began working for a local software engineering firm based in Westfield, NY.  At the same time, he co-founded Twisted Bits, a startup software engineering company and small scale Internet service provider.  Shortly after graduation, Jon began working as a Network Administrator in the IT department at SUNY Fredonia, and later transitioned into a Systems Administrator and distance learning instructor for the Computer Science department.


Jon obtained his New York State real estate salesperson’s license and began working as an office manager at Steiger Realty where he subsequently obtained his broker’s license and assumed co-ownership of the company alongside his brother in 2007.


Jon founded Steiger Performance to design and manufacture various automotive and motorcycle products.  Alicia began working with him at Steiger Performance in 2012 where she put her considerable talents to use transforming his “chaotic mad scientist” style of working into an efficient and organized system.   He currently divides the majority of his time between that company and Steiger Realty, while also maintaining Twisted Bits Internet Services and managing his investment properties.    Jon and Alicia are currently working to establish a new business together.


In his extremely limited spare time, Jon enjoys collecting, modifying and drag racing cars and motorcycles as well as off roading and aviation.  He holds a recreational pilot’s license and flies an ultralight aircraft.  He likes outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, biking, metal detecting, geocaching and recreational target shooting.  He shares Alicia’s love of travel and enjoys exploring new places and always looks forward to going on new adventures with her by his side.



Her Story

Alicia was born on April 2, 1990 and grew up in the small town of Westfield, NY with her mother Dawn Okerlund, step father Kevin Okerlund and siblings Chris, Michael, Marissa, Sarah & Jacob. She also has two step sisters - Kristen and Nicky, as well as three siblings on her biological fathers side - Brennen, Ethan & Kaylin. Alicia attended Westfield Academy & Central School for most of her undergrad career. She attended Bemus Point/Maple Grove schools for her 7th & 8th grade years. During high school, Alicia worked at the William Seward Inn in Westfield as a server and housekeeper, Andriaccio’s Restaurant as a “phone girl” and Andriaccio’s Golf Course as a banquet server and she also babysat.


Alicia played sports and was an active member of several groups in high school. Alicia graduated from Westfield Academy in 2008 with an Advanced Regents Diploma and continued her education at SUNY Fredonia that Fall. During college, Alicia continued working summers at Andriaccio’s Golf Course as both a banquet server and “beer cart girl” and also worked as the Banquet Manager at The White Inn in Fredonia and at Ellicottville Brewing Company in Fredonia as a server. Alicia was an active member of her sorority Delta Phi Epsilon and also took part in other groups on campus. Alicia feels that joining the sorority was not what people make greek life out to be, it was actually a significant part of her college career.  It helped her to network and gain more confidence in who she was while meeting some of her best friends today. Alicia believes her college years were the most noteworthy and best years of her life to date. In 2011, Alicia achieved her Bachelor of Science degree in Education with a concentration in Math at SUNY Fredonia; she also earned Cum Laude honors and the Excellence in Student Teaching award.  After graduation, Alicia subbed at Fredonia Middle School and Truman Elementary School in Lackawanna while also working as a server at Ellicottville Brewing Company until October 2012. Alicia also began working with her fiancé Jon at his business Steiger Performance in 2012. She continues to work with Jon and they are currently working to establish a business together.


Alicia enjoys time spent with her family, puppies and friends. She also enjoys traveling and trying new things. In her free time you will find her crafting, cleaning or reading/writing quotes.  She has an obsession with Starbucks and loves summertime! Alicia’s biggest role model is her mother Dawn- who has always provided above and beyond for her and has been the strongest women she knows.  Her life hero is her grandfather and dad-figure Daniel who sadly lost his battle with Leukemia in October 2012. Alicia’s dream was for her grandpa to walk her down the isle on her wedding day but the bittersweet reality of her grandma Lois walking in honor of her grandpa makes her joyful. Both figures were big influences in her life growing up. Alicia believes that everything happens for a reason and always tries to find the good in every bad situation she faces.  Alicia is a loving, friendly and compassionate person dedicated to helping others and being a positive influence to those around her. Alicia can’t wait to start her future and a family with Jon. She is beyond thankful for him and couldn’t imagine her life without him.  :)


Their Story

- by Alicia -


Jon was a regular customer at Ellicottville Brewing Company where I worked. He would come in to dine every Saturday evening and order a turkey burger, no cheese and water with lemon. This is how he earned the nickname “Turkey Burger Guy,” (or TBG for short) at the restaurant amongst us servers. One Saturday before leaving the restaurant, Jon did something unusual and handed me a folded manila paper, smiled and then left. I was foremost in complete shock and secondly, so curious as to what it could possibly be that I opened it immediately! Of course all the other servers that were there stood around to curiously watch what the mystery inside was. My guess was that it would be a note of some kind- but to my surprise it was the most beautiful single peacock feather! This was the moment I fell in love. I left work after my shift that day and immediately called one of my best friends Stacy, who I knew was close by and excitedly told her I had something to show her, but wouldn’t say what it was over the phone. She was in the middle of a recital but being the great friend that she is, met me outside of the church she was singing at in her full attire to see what “turkey burger guy” gave me! She was so ecstatic and couldn’t believe it when I showed her… I then carried on my way to Westfield to share the news with my mom and sister Marissa! My mom claims she had never seen me with a bigger smile on my face before, and my sister thought it was very sweet but couldn’t understand why I was so excited over a feather! Haha.. but, she was a few years younger and I like to believe she didn’t understand love ;). 


Background information: I had commented on a picture Jon had on Facebook of a peacock saying “I hope you kept a feather!” Well… as he always has, Jon turned this simple comment into a thoughtful gesture and he continues to find ways to put a smile on my face every day since. 


After opening up the manila paper and finding such a thoughtful gift, I ran out into the streets of Fredonia with hopes to find TBG- but he was nowhere in sight! So I did the second best thing I could think of and messaged him on Facebook- thanking him for the famous love feather that sits framed on a shelf today! A few weeks passed since I received the feather (we talked only on Facebook a little bit since that day and small talk when he would come into the restaurant for his weekly turkey burger indulgence) and I had finished my shift early and took it upon myself to go up to Jon at his table and ask if he minded me joining him for dinner! (I am clearly a shy person!) He agreed that this was fine with him (I mean, I was already sitting down across from him before getting a response out of him- haha).  At this point I immediately felt awkward and couldn’t believe what I had just done. So I just started talking… about everything and anything. As the time went on, Jon got his dinner (I did not order anything for those of you wondering) I just was brought a glass of wine by one of my co-server friends! We continued chatting about our backgrounds, family and exchanged funny stories. After quite some time I made the comment, “I wonder what time it is?” It seemed like the restaurant was quieting down and I hadn’t seen a server in a while. When Jon checked the time he looked surprised- and told me it was 1:30 AM!? I sat down at the table at 5 PM! I knew we had sat there for a long time…but definitely had no idea it was that long! So we wrapped up our conversation and exchanged a hug and went on our separate ways. A few minutes after getting home I received a text from him asking if I made it home ok (oh yea… I had previously given him my phone number in a Facebook inbox... gosh I am bold).  Within a few days, Jon had asked me to dinner and then on a day trip to Ellicottville where we spent the day shopping, riding the mountain coaster at Holiday Valley (ski lifts were closed the day we went), and dinner at the other Ellicottville Brewing Company location. As the weeks passed, we continued to have dinner dates and talked all the time. 


Within only around 6 months, we started talking about a future together and that summer went to look at rings. I told Jon the only way I would be able to marry him is if he got my grandpa’s permission. However, that fall grandpa became very ill and was hospitalized. Jon just didn’t think it was an appropriate time to mention anything to him and was planning to wait until after he got out of the hospital. However, one evening while I was at work, Jon decided to go to the hospital to visit Grandpa…and showed him the ring and asked him for my hand in marriage. This was only A NIGHT before his passing. OMGoshhh! It reminds me “everything happens for a reason,” and is such a true treasure to me that Jon got Grandpa’s blessing. I happened to call Grandpa that night and talked to him for a bit- he sounded weak and tired but kept saying “I am so proud,” “it is such a beautiful ring…” I had no idea what he was talking about but could only assume- until later finding out Jon had gone that night to talk to him- and the day before his passing, he welcomed Jon into my family and shared his happiness with me. I am forever grateful to have had that moment with him. Sadly, Grandpa lost his fight with cancer and now lives in my heart today and forever. He won’t be here to physically walk me down the isle- but he will be here in spirit. Most importantly, he gave Jon his blessing and I am forever thankful for that.


Jon proposed on Easter evening 2013 after dinner at our house with my mom, grandma and sister Sarah all there to witness. The day felt perfect and I cried tears of joy… For months, I had been anxiously waiting - knowing that Jon would be proposing one day soon. I found out later that he had been walking around with the ring in his pocket all day, waiting for the perfect moment.  He was able to pull off the proposal without me having any idea it was going to happen that day!  Kudos to him! :)


“Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite!”

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